Hire the best
tech talen
Hire and retain the best tech talent through challenges and competitions
Company view
A new recruitment paradigm has arrived. Hire and retain tech talent through coding challenges and hackathons
Organize your own hackathon
where hundreds of developers
have fun & look for jobs 
Create and share your
own competitions
In a few and easy steps you
will be able to share your
competitions with your staff,
your candidates' database and
with our community
Process of creating a hackathon
Get accurate
evaluation on
hard & soft skills
Competitions are designed
considering your techincal and
cultural needs. So you can hire
the tech talent that best
suit your company
Evaluation diagram
Empower inclusion &
real talent
Improve your employer branding
by positioning yourself as an innovative
company that comprehends the
evolution of recruitment processes
by betting on inclusive and
educational methods where
candidates can show their
skills accurately.
Example of inclusion and team building
Make hundreds of
developers love your brand
Tech candidates and employees
will love your brand because
of betting on innovative and
educational processes.
User's review and data of participation
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The world's leading companies are using NUWE
Does your company need to hire developers recurrently?
We adapt our service by creating a hackathon
campaign aligned with your company's needs.
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