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At NUWE we organize hackathons and coding leagues for all levels and for all types of programming modalities.

Event highlight

FemHack - The first international online hackathon for women developers

At NUWE we fight against gender inequality in the IT sector, and that is why we want to organize our first event exclusively for female programmers. This event will consist of an online hackathon at international level, where women programmers will have to overcome a series of individual and group challenges in the modalities of Data Science, Mobile and Web.

21 - 23 January 2022

International, on-line

Frontend, Backend, Mobile & Data Science

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Why participate?

Practise and approach companies in the sector

At NUWE we want you to show the world your talent as a developer. For this reason, we help you put your skills to the test with challenges that adapt to your experience. We have several modalities for you to choose the one that best suits you:

Compete and collaborate with developers from all over the world

In the events we organize you will be able to meet coders from all over the world. In addition, the limited edition medals and achievements that you will get as you overcome challenges will allow you to certify your progress within the platform and outside it, so you can share the certificates in your portfolio or resume.

Win prizes

At NUWE we incentivise your progress with rewards, which are easier to achieve the more you participate and the more you demonstrate your progress on our platform.

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