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Gain experience as a developer and connect with the professional world

At NUWE you will be able to test your skills as a developer with challenges that simulate real work experiences. Also, your participation will help you improve your portfolio and certify your skills for technology companies.

Test your skills with real-world challenges

Test your skills, compete and improve, and climb the ranks in NUWE divisions, while certifying your skills and winning prizes.

Improve with real-world challenges for all experience levels

At NUWE we want you to show the world your talent as a developer. For this reason, we help you put your skills to the test with challenges that adapt to your experience. We have several modalities for you to choose the one that best suits you:

Compete and collaborate with developers from around the world

In NUWE you will be able to compete with coders from all over the world and of all levels. In addition, you will be able to unlock different achievements and medals that will certify your progress in our platform and in the development world.

The passion of videogames now also in programming

Discover the greatest rank and level system ever created in the world of development.

Earn rewards for climbing up in your division ranking

At NUWE we incentivise your progress with rewards, which are easier to achieve the more you participate and the more you demonstrate your progress on our platform.

Upcoming events

NUWE not only offers challenges to the developer community to demonstrate their skills and have contact with the professional world, but we also organize hackathons and code leagues with prestigious companies in the technology sector.

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